Meyerland Community Improvement Association
4999 W. Bellfort
Houston, TX  77035
  Phone  713-729-2167

What does it mean to be a deed restricted community?

Deed restrictions are restricted in a deed that restrict the use of the property. They follow the "land" and are enforceable on subsequent owners. The purpose of deed restrictions is to maintain a certain look and feel of the neighborhood. Because the City of Houston has no zoning, deed restrictions are the homeowners' protection from commercial and industrial construction and other types of land use that would detract from the neighborly, open space feeling of Meyerland.

Meyerland is divided into "sections" that are governed by their own set of restrictions. If you are not sure what section you live, use our Find Your Section Tool to locate your section by street address. Go to the Deed Restrictions page to download the appropriate document.

Remember - all exterior home improvements must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee before work begins! You can read the construction guidelines and download at the Architectural Control Forms page.