Meyerland Community Improvement Association
4999 W. Bellfort
Houston, TX  77035
  Phone  713-729-2167

Contact Precinct 5 Constables

For assistance or security concerns, please contact Harris County Precinct 5 Constables.


Citizens on Patrol

Meyerland is seeking volunteers to launch a Citizen Patrol program. This HPD program is a means for citizens to organize as groups and patrol the neighborhood. They act as another set of eyes and ears for law enforcement officers. The Citizens on Patrol program provide an effective method of discouraging neighborhood crime, promte a friendly and safer neighborhood environment, and improve communication among neighbors.

Read more: Citizens on Patrol

Vacation and Special Watch

If you are going to be out of town or away from home for an extended period of time, you may request a vacation watch from Precinct 5 Constables. Special watch is also available if you have reason for concern.

In order to do submit a vacation or special watch request, you must complete the online forms at the Harris County Precinct 5 website

For vacations, complete the online vacation watch form.

For special watch requests, complete the online special watch form.

All vacation or special watch requests must be made directly to Precinct 5.  The MCIA office is unable to accept these requests.

City of Houston Crime Mapping Tool

City of Houston Crime Mapping Tool - view recent crime activity on an interactive map

Meyerland is in zip code 77096. If you search for crime by zip code, please be aware that adjacent neighborhoods are also in the same zip code. By Neighborhood Code, Meyerland is #230 and #231, which may include some neighborhoods adjacent to Meyerland and also Meyerland Plaza. On a district level, Meyerland is part of HPD Beat 15E10, which includes zip codes 77035, 77074,77096, 77401.

Landmarks/Neighborhoods: Meyerland Plaza, Robindell, Meyerland, Braeburn Terrace, Maplewood South


Security Alarms

If you have an alarm, there are some things that you need to be aware of to get the most benefit from having one. 

  1. In the event of an alarm incident, Precinct 5 Constables should be the first call made from your alarm company.  Constables are in the area and can respond quickly to a call, possibly apprehending the suspects if they are still on the property.  Precious minutes are lost if your alarm company calls you first and then the Constables.  The Constable phone number is 281-463-6666.
  2. Purchase a City of Houston Alarm permit.  If the Houston Police Department is listed as a responder with your alarm company, it is REQUIRED that you have an approved alarm permit with the City.  Permit applications may be made online and more information is available at  There is a nominal fee for the application, permits are valid for one year and must be renewed annually.  
  3. And finally, set your alarm!  To protect yourself as well as your property, set your alarm when you are home.  Set your alarm even if you are leaving briefly to take the kids to school or walk the dog.  Criminals may be aware of patterns and know when your home will be vacant.  Crimes occur quickly.  It only takes minutes for a criminal to break into a home, take valuables and get out.  An activated alarm can be a strong deterrant. 

News and Security Alert

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MCIA may choose to send security email alerts for incidents that fit these criteria:

  1. Is it about a home burglary?
  2. Is the incident timely enough to be relevant to residents?
  3. Is the incident corroborated by official reports?
  4. Is the sending of the email message authorized by the MCIA Office?

MCIA does not report 100% of crimes in the neighborhood through the email system. We gather information from the Houston Police Department and Precinct 5 Constables. MCIA reserves the sole discretion of sending emails regarding crimes in the neighborhood.

MCIA is not a law enforcement agency. Residents, do not report crimes to MCIA! Call the Constables, (281) 463-6666.