HCFCD Water Detention Plan and Tree Removal on South Braeswood

Dear Homeowners,

Over the last few days we have received several questions regarding trees being removed from the median on South Braeswood between 610 and Millbury. The trees recently removed are part of the Project Brays widening and water detention basin installation. The plan is to place a 24 inch storm pipe down the median from Millbury towards 610, to larger connectors that can feed the detention ponds. The pipe will also have connections that will conjoin pipes currently being placed on Cadman, Cranleigh and Endicott. The intent is to reduce the excessive street flooding that occurs as Brays Bayou fills up during an extreme weather event. The pipe construction and connections should be completed within the next 60 days. Upon the completion of the detention project, the grounds will be planted attractively as proposed in the landscape plan available on the HCFCD website.