UPDATED…Flood control improvements on south braeswood to affect access at Millbury starting Monday, August 10th

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The work to improve the drainage in our area continues in phases. Unfortunately, this progress sometimes comes at a cost. We watched the beautiful old trees on a South Braeswood esplanade come down to allow for the installation of important drainage improvements. The landscaping plan for the basins has been well publicized (click HERE for the proposed basin landscaping plan), but any plans for other affected grounds are still a work in progress. Charles Goforth, Meyerland Section 1 Director, is leading the MCIA discussion about this and the maintenance of the area in general, with the Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD). It is our goal to restore beautiful landscaping to the esplanade.

          The intent of the drainage improvement is to allow for additional storm water removal from one of our lowest spots in Meyerland (Section 7) during a potentially extreme flooding event. The plan includes connecting drainpipes (culverts) from Cadman, Endicott, and Millbury that will empty into the basins on South Braeswood only when the usual heavy drainage into the bayou becomes restricted and the water collecting in the area builds. This is not intended to be an exclusive flooding solution, but rather to assist in reducing flooding in this low-lying area.

          In the event you have not driven on South Braeswood recently, the construction has begun. The work crews will be disruptive to traffic throughout the entirety of the project, but starting Monday, August 10th, will directly affect eastbound/westbound traffic wanting to use the cut-through at Millbury (which is the street located just west of 610 if you are traveling on South Braeswood) to access South Braeswood. This closure will last between 5 and 14 days. Please note this and consider an alternate route of travel to avoid delays.

          We will continue to monitor the HCFCD work that affects our area and the surrounding communities and will do our best to keep you informed on our website.