Meyerland Traffic Safety

There has been a considerable increase in vehicles violating speed limits within Meyerland recently. This is a particularly dangerous situation with the large number of children, and adults who are walking, riding bicycles, or jogging along our streets at all hours of the day.
Adding to this complexity is the current bridge work at Hillcroft and the planned bridge work at Chimney Rock and South Rice. With these traffic disruptions, we expect additional cut through traffic in Meyerland.
The MCIA Board has endorsed efforts to improve traffic safety in Meyerland, proposed by the Traffic and Security Committee. Don Hollingsworth, Traffic and Security Committee Chairman has proposed the following two approaches to improved traffic safety in Meyerland.
1. For high traffic volume areas, examples include South and North Braeswood, Chimney Rock, South Rice, Hillcroft and Beechnut [in between Chimney Rock and South Rice], adding speed radar signs that are solar powered to allow placement where needed. These would be purchased and installed in these critical areas, to effectively work to “calm” traffic and slow down to posted speed limits.
2. For residential streets that appear to be cut through opportunities, adding speed cushions to calm traffic. Initial areas include the following; Millbury [from South Braeswood to Yarwell] and Runnymeade [from South Rice to West Belfort]. These devices can be installed to calm traffic speeds to posted limits within Meyerland itself. We are currently evaluating the cost of these per location, in coordination with the NTMP [Neighborhood Traffic Management Program] from the City of Houston.
In closing we are evaluating the cost of these traffic calming devices and their initial locations for introduction. We will seek support and funding from City of Houston, Harris County as well as the MCIA to fund these projects. Please let us know if you have any specific questions regarding these proposed traffic calming devices for Meyerland by emailing comments to