Presenting Your Newly Elected 2021 MCIA Board of Directors

Each year one half of the 23 board seats becomes available. Ballots are mailed to every member and made available to the membership on our website no less than 10 days before the date of the Annual Meeting. The voting for your neighbors running for a seat on the board ends on the evening of the Annual Meeting, which this year was December 3, 2020 at 8:00 P.M.. The ballots collected have now been counted and the result of the election for Directors by section is listed below as these Directors join the mid-term Directors on the MCIA board:
Section 1: Charles Goforth (re-elected) Section 1: Bill Goforth (mid-term)
Section 2: Gerald Radack (re-elected) Section 2: Emilio Hisse (mid-term)
Section 3: Jonathan Elton (re-elected) Section 3: Barbara Kile (mid-term)
Section 4: Scot Carter (newly elected)
Section 5: No candidate Section 5: Patrick McAndrew (mid-term)
Section 6: Arthur Kay (re-elected) Section 6: OPEN
Section 7: Susie Eshet (re-elected) Section 7: Gerda Gomez (mid-term)
Section 8 North: Elaine Britt (re-elected) Section 8N: Cory Giovanella (mid-term)
Section 8 South: Bryan Holub (re-elected) Section 8S: Sacha Bodner (mid-term)
Section 8 West: Larry Schwartz (re-elected) Section 8W: Justin Keiter (mid-term)
Section 10: John-Mark Palandro (re-elected) Section 10: Bob Lordi (mid-term)
At-Large: Lucy Randal (re-elected) At-Large: Eddy De Los Santos (mid-term)
These are your neighbors joining the rest of the board members who are entering the second year of their two-year term. We appreciate all our Directors for volunteering their time and energy to make Meyerland a better place to live. If you would like to speak with a Director in your section, please visit our “About” page for the list of Directors and click on their name to email them directly. Almost every section has two Section Directors to assist you with your needs (Section 4 has one Director). At-Large Directors will assist anyone in any section.