Home Maintenance Reminders

Here are a few quick home maintenance reminders:

Yard Maintenance

Yard Work – It’s that time again to get your yard work done on a regular basis. Weekly lawn maintenance may be necessary to keep your lawn looking manicured.  The entire lot and the area between the sidewalk and the street must be maintained always. Maintenance consists of mowing, edging, weed eating, and the removal of shrub and tree debris.

Leaves – Please collect and remove all leaves and pine needles that have fallen on and in front of your property. Piling leaves in the street will clog the street’s drainage system and cause drains to be blocked. If water is unable to flow into the inlets, it may stand on or possibly flood the street. This may cause an accumulation of mud and debris from the street in front of your lot.

Vines & Shrubbery – Please make sure to periodically trim the shrubbery, vines and trees on your lot and keep them well manicured. As we prepare for hurricane season, please make sure to remove any dead tree debris from your yard and roof. Tree debris such as leaves and branches may not only clog up the the streets drainage system but in high winds can cause damage to your or your neighbor’s home.

Trash and Recycling

Yard Clippings – Yard clippings may not be left at the curb. They must be put out of sight until 6:00 pm on the evening before a trash collection day. If your clippings are missed by the City on collection day, please call 311 and report the oversight. Please remember to only use the City of Houston approved green waste bags for your yard clippings. Other black, white or clear bags not approved by the city will not be picked up.

Trash Receptacles – It is important to be mindful that all trash and recycling receptacles must remain hidden from view until 6:00 pm the evening before a trash or recycling collection day and put away by 6:00 pm on the day of pick-up. Please do not store your trash and recycling bins on your driveway, front porch, or where they are clearly visible from the street.

Heavy Trash – Please do not put out heavy/junk trash to your curb until the Monday before the heavy trash pickup day. Please see the Meyerland Calendar for City of Houston scheduled pickup dates.

Home Maintenance

Compliance – Please make sure your property is in compliance with the policies and Meyerland deed restrictions. Is your sidewalk a trip hazard? Is the paint on your home peeling? Are portions of wood on your home rotting? Is your fence in need of replacement? Repairing these items are necessary to the upkeep of your property. Please walk your property periodically and fix any areas in need of repair.

Dirt/Mold – Remove any dirt or mold built-up on the gables, fascia boards, brick, window casings, gutters, as well as the sidewalks on your property.

Exterior Maintenance or Improvements – Please remember any exterior work MUST be approved by the appropriate MCIA review committee before work is completed. Any work done without prior approval may be stopped, at the owner’s expense, until the proper application form is submitted and approved.

To schedule an appointment with Architectural Services Coordinator, Jasmine Davis, please visit https://mciaplanreview.youcanbook.me.

Sidewalks, Driveways & Curbs – Please remember it is your responsibility to construct, reconstruct/repair, or bringing to grade the sidewalks, driveways, curbs or gutters adjacent to your property. Please, take a look at your lot and see if your sidewalk needs leveling or repair. If you need to repair or replace your sidewalk, please remember you must apply with MCIA and get approval before work can be started.

Construction Fencing – A chain link construction fence with solid color screening is required during any major construction. The fence must fully enclose the site and be completely screened. The fence may not come down until the completion of your project. Please work with you contractors to make sure they are adhering to the Meyerland Construction Rules.

Pool Maintenance –  City ordinance requires homeowners with a pool or spa to maintain and operate it in a manner that ensures no danger to the health and safety to the public. You must maintain the pool water to prevent the breeding of insects/animals, keep the water free of algae and free of any foul or offensive odors. For the health and safety of your neighbors, please ensure your pool is properly maintained on a regular basis. Pools found to be hazardous should be reported to the City of Houston Environmental Health Division, Public Health Engineering by emailing chs@houstontx.gov or calling 311. This is true even if your lot is otherwise vacant.