“The Meyerlander” Newsletter Discontinued for Transition to Digital Media

Dear Homeowners,

It has come to our attention that many of you did not know that “The Meyerlander” newsletter was discontinued in March 2020, as we transitioned to the use of digital media to distribute news to the community through our MCIA email list, our website and the @Meyerlandtx Facebook page. Adding to the confusion, “The Messenger- News for Meyerland Residents” is being published by the same company and looks very similar to our discontinued publication. Please be advised that the Meyerland Community Improvement Association is not affiliated with this new newsletter nor are we generating the content of the publications, including the trash calendar. For the most up to date and accurate Meyerland news, please visit us on our website at www.meyerland.net. We are pleased to be able to offer this new way of communicating with the community and invite you to not only visit our website, but consider contributing content. You can send your ideas to meyerlander@meyerland.net

Please Note the Following Dates:

February 10th – Heavy Junk Debris pickup

February 11th – The MCIA Board of Directors Monthly Meeting

February 16th – Trash & Recycling pickup

February 23rd – Regular Trash Collection (No recycling)

March 2nd – Trash & Recycling pickup

March 3rd – No trash collection scheduled to occur

March 10th – Heavy Tree Debris pickup (please bundle your tree debris for pickup) – This pickup will not include Junk waste.


Important information regarding Trash/Recycling Receptacles

Yard Clippings – Yard clippings may not be left at the curb. Keep these bags out of sight until 6:00 pm on the evening before a trash collection day. Please remember to only use the City of Houston approved green waste bags for your yard clippings. Other black, white or clear bags not approved by the city will not be picked up.

Trash/ Recycling Receptacles – It is important to be mindful that all trash and recycling receptacles must remain hidden from view until 6:00 pm the evening before a trash or recycling collection day and put away by 6:00 pm on the day of pick-up. Please do not store your trash and recycling bins on your driveway, front porch, or where they are clearly visible from the street.

Heavy Trash – “Heavy/Junk” may be placed at your curb as early as the Monday before the heavy/junk trash pickup day. Please see the Meyerland Calendar or the City of Houston website for scheduled pickup dates.