Heavy Junk and Tree Trash pickup – Behind Schedule

Meyerland residents,

We have learned that the City of Houston intends to collect both tree debris and heavy/junk waste this week. We were previously told that it would be on our heavy trash pick-up date but the City Solid Waste Department has posted an update to this schedule on their facebook page. As of 6/10/2021 they are behind schedule approximately two days. Please be sure all of your debris and trash is placed between the sidewalk and the street for collection. Remember that it is important to ensure access to your debris by keeping the immediate area in front of your debris and trash clear of obstructions, such as vehicles. For a list of items the City will collect and further information related to collection, please refer to the City of Houston Solid Waste department’s webpage. You can visit that site by clicking HERE.

To view the Lunch and Learn Meeting from May 27th click HERE and learn the difference between the alternating months for your Junk Waste/Tree Waste collection services; are you confused about the alternating months? Our solid waste experts are here to answer your questions when it comes to your junk waste/tree waste services.