Recording of the 2021 MCIA Annual Meeting

Meyerland residents, we thank you for another successful year! We hope you enjoyed the annual meeting. If you missed the discussion, please view the recording below:

Some of the questions received and responses are below:

  • Will the trail be paved or blacktop?

The trail that will run along the bayou and under the bridges will be paved, as it was in the past.

  • What is being done about the (electrical) grid?

Congresswoman Fletcher was not able to directly respond to the question but she did discuss the infrastructure bill that has funds earmarked regarding this. Here is a link to a Houston Chronicle article about how the bill will support the Texas electrical grid. The article notes that large funding gaps still remain, even with the additional Federal funding.

  • What can be done to encourage homeowners who elevated their homes over a year ago to finish their construction projects and add a decorative brick facade to the bare cinder block used to elevate these homes as well as remove temporary wood stair cases? There are homes that have been in this unfinished state for over a year.

The MCIA board recently approved a new construction policy that sets limits on both the time to construct a new home and also elevate a home. Please refer to the policy for the details (see page 4). Current homes who have not completed their current projects were notified of this change and their new deadline to complete their construction.

  • Are there plans to redo our streets and sidewalks similar to West W, Woodshire/Woodside subdivisions? Our streets and sidewalks are getting worse

We are not aware of any plans to update the streets in Meyerland. This would be a major expense for the City. Anyone with concerns about the condition of a street should call 311 to report it.

Also, most of the sidewalks are to be maintained by the homeowner. We are notifying homeowners when a sidewalk has a tripping hazard, requiring a fix to the situation. Please make sure your sidewalks are safe for our pedestrians!

  • Any word on (the) Belden’s (space)?

We are not aware of any progress in leasing that space.

  • Where does the path cross from the south side of Braeswood to the north side past 610 before the sewage treatment plant?

Here is a visualization of that path – the green line indicates the trailway: