2022-2023 Houston City Council Redistricting

Over the next two years, the City will embark on a process to adopt new City Council district boundaries using the information from the 2020 US Census. There will be multiple opportunities to comment and be updated on the process.

The redrawn districts will aim to:

  • Maintain relatively equal population numbers
  • Be composed of whole county voting precincts
  • Have easily identifiable geographic boundaries
  • Retain integrity of neighborhoods or communities of interest
  • Be compact and contiguous
  • Avoid packing or cracking
  • Preserve incumbent-constituency relations

Meyerland receives a lot of support from our Council Member Abbie Kamin in District C. It is important that you engage in the process and have your voice heard!

Visit https://www.letstalkhouston.org/redistricting and participate in the Town Hall meeting. District C’s meeting is currently scheduled for Tuesday, May 3rd at 6:00 pm at Congregation Emanu El, 1500 Sunset Blvd.
Houston, TX, 77005.

Subscribe to updates via the https://www.letstalkhouston.org/redistricting website.