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Storm Preparedness – From Council Member Abbie Kamin

The rain and storms we experienced this week reminded us that it’s never too soon to prepare yourself and your family for weather events. June 1 marks the start of Hurricane Season. We encourage everyone to finalize your emergency plan, restock your supply kit, and stay informed in case of an emergency. For preparedness resources, click here. The City continues to invest heavily in flood mitigation and storm infrastructure. Council Member Kamin spoke with FOX26 this week to highlight several ongoing and recently completed projects in

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Home Maintenance Reminders

Here are a few quick home maintenance reminders: Yard Maintenance Yard Work – It’s that time again to get your yard work done on a regular basis. Weekly lawn maintenance may be necessary to keep your lawn looking manicured.  The entire lot and the area between the sidewalk and the street must be maintained always. Maintenance consists of mowing, edging,

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Updating Your Contact Information

Homeowners, we are in the process of verifying our records and verifying that we have the correct contact information for our property owners. Due to the current pandemic and the remodeling/rebuilding process for much of the association we are trying to verify that we can contact you timely with important information or correspondence regarding your property. For the convenience of

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