Buying or Selling a House

This page contains information you need to know about the house transfer process and relocating to Meyerland.


A transfer occurs when the property is changing ownership. The transfer fee is $200.00. Payment is usually made at closing and is made with the title company who forwards payment to the Association. Transfers involving a lender require a 60-day letter.


A refinance occurs when the property is not changing hands but the owner is refinancing the loan.  The fee is $100.00. Payment is usually made at closing and is made with the title company who forwards payment to the Association. All refinances require a 60-day letter.

Cash and Private Transactions

During the transfer of a Meyerland property, a mortgage company or lender shares the buyer contact information with the association as a service to the buyer. In a private owner-to-owner transaction, this step in the responsibility of the buyer. The Cash Buyer Contact Form must be filled out completely so that we have the most recent contact information for each lot owner.

Requests will be processed weekly.

Resale Certificate

A resale certificate is available when the house is for sale.  This packet may be produced by the Association that contains various documents required by the state to be supplied.  A resale certificate is currently not required by the Association, but is requested by the buyer or buyer’s agent.  They include the Deed Restrictions for the section of Meyerland that the property lies in, the By-Laws of the Association, documents proving solvency and insurance, the policies of the Association and more.  The fee for this is $250.00 and must be paid at the time of request.  Please complete the Resale Certificate Request Form and deliver to the MCIA office with payment. Certificate packet will be processed within three (3) to five (5) business days of receipt of request and payment.

Resale Certificates take 3-5 business days to complete from the date of receipt of payment of the Resale Certificate Fee of $250.00. Once complete the Resale Certificate Packet will be emailed to the Requester.

During the current office closure due to COVID-19 if a paper packet is requested it will be mailed via FedEX Express, the Mailing fee is $28.00This document may be requested by:

  • The Agent/Homeowner, as a “perk” or to use as a selling point for the home.
  • The Buyer, to learn more about the Association and the area.
  • The Lender, as a guarantee that any buyer has received these documents.

Request for HOA Fees and Account Status

All requests for financial status of a property account must be made in writing.  Requests are processed weekly. We do not accept requests made over the phone.