Who We Are

Meyerland Community Improvement Association (MCIA) is the homeowner’s association for the residential neighborhood of Meyerland. We are a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization, but annual dues are not considered a charitable donation. MCIA collects fees on each property and provides security services through a contract with Harris County Precinct 5. MCIA also maintains the grounds and monument signs in the area and provides various programs and events for residents of the neighborhood. Our board consists of volunteer members of the community, aligned in the success of the neighborhood.

The Meyerland neighborhood is located in southwest Houston, just west of Interstate 610 and the exits Beechnut, North and South Braeswood, and West Bellfort. The primary portion of Meyerland is bordered on the north by Beechnut, south by West Bellfort east by I-610, and west by Chimney Rock. Section 10 of Meyerland is bordered on the north by Beechnut, south by North Braeswood, east by Mullins, and west by Hillcroft. Our zip code is 77096.

Management Office:
Amy Hoechstetter, General Manager
Jasmine Davis, Architectural Services Coordinator
Catherine Martin, Resident Services Coordinator
Reyna Romero, Account Services Coordinator

Business Address:
4999 West Bellfort Avenue
Houston, TX 77035
Tel: (713) 729-2167; Fax: 713-729-0048

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday: Temporarily closed to visitors (please call or email)
Saturday – Sunday: Closed