Architectural Resources

Architectural Resources: Documents available to further explain or assist you with your submission

Modifications PacketThis packet is most helpful for those lot owners who are elevating a home or starting over, by constructing a new home. The information included in this packet offers a compilation of the restrictions, policies, and additional design considerations that are used for the basis of forming decisions.
Exterior Color Palette This palette consists of colors that are generally approvable but not guaranteed to be approved in all instances. An approval is required unless, in specifics instances, your Deed Restrictions say otherwise.
Impervious Coverage Calculation WorksheetThis document is necessary for any submission involving the impermeable coverage on your lot. It is required with the New Home Construction packet, and possibly with the Maintenance and Routine Projects application, the Major Projects application, and the Revision application.
Construction RulesLot owners are responsible to ensure that their builders/contractors are adhering to the Constructions Rules. A violation of these rules by the builder/contractor will be addressed with the lot owner.

Application Forms: All applications must be signed with a verified signature (handwritten, Verisign, Adobe Sign, or Docusign). Applications can be mailed, dropped off, or uploaded.

Maintenance and Routine ProjectsThis form includes painting, roof replacement/repair, fence, landscaping, sidewalk or driveway, and window replacement. If your project includes adding square footage to your home, please use the form for Major Renovation.
Construction Application – Major ProjectsFor a major renovation on your property. This includes adding on square footage, by expanding the first floor, adding on a 2nd story, adding a room over the garage, adding a pool, and other similar large projects. Similar work on a smaller scale may be submitted using the form for Routine Projects. There is a $500.00 fee associated with this application due at submission.
Demolition ApplicationSubmission is required in advance of demolition of a structure on your property. This includes the primary residence, garage, accessory buildings or filling in of a pool.
New Home Construction PacketThis application is used for building a new residence on the lot. A complete submission is required to receive an approval or denial of your application. There is a $1,000.00 fee associated with this application due at submission.
Revision ApplicationSubmission and approval of any and all changes to an approved application are required before the changes are made.
Appeal ApplicationTo appeal a decision made by the Review and Control Committee (RCC) to the MCIA Board of Directors. Subject to guidelines established by your Deed Restrictions and timeline set in your Denial Letter.

All exterior work done on your property requires written approval before the work begins.  This includes painting (even if the same color), roof repair or replacement, fences, sidewalk and driveway replacement, patio or deck, window replacement, installation or renovation of a pool, accessory building, addition of living space, and construction of a new home.  

Projects that do not require approval:

  • interior renovations 
  • foundation repair
  • installation or repair of a sprinkler system
  • repair of sewer system 
  • air conditioning/heating/plumbing repairs
  • repair of leaks or replastering of an existing pool (as long as no other work is being done)
  • minor landscaping (maintenance or replacement plantings)

Direct any questions to the Architectural Services Coordinator, Jasmine Davis, by clicking HERE to submit an architectural question. If you have more extensive questions, schedule an appointment with the office using the button below to ensure we have set aside enough time to discuss your issue with you.