Meyerland Community Improvement Association uses committees to accomplish much of its work. Members of these committees are primarily board members, but residents also serve on committees when there is interest and need.

Below is a list of the current MCIA committees and their roles. The MCIA board president and immediate past president serve as members of all committees.

Shall annually review the by-laws and make recommendations for changes to the Board.

Deed Restriction Committee
Responsible for updating the Meyerland Deed Restrictions and collecting the necessary signatures for adoption.

Prepares for the annual election of Directors. The committee reviews procedures, recommends changes, and acts in official capacities during the election.

Organizes the annual meeting of the Members, neighborhood activities, afternoon in the park and other matters of general interest to the residents in Meyerland.

Finance & Budget
Reviews the preliminary budget documents, makes adjustments if necessary, and then recommends a final budget for presentation to the Board.

Human Resources
Develops and oversees hiring practices, compensation policies and job evaluation procedures for Association staff.

Manages the contract for landscaping services, provides recommendations for projects, creates a budget, and recommends community needs and resources for keeping Meyerland well maintained to the Board.

Reviews existing policies and writes new policies as needed or directed by the Board.

Responsible for managing the community newsletter and overseeing the Association website. The editor(s) of the newsletter shall chair the publications committee.

Review and Control (RCC)
Reviews applications for building, remodeling, and improving Meyerland homes and lots in conformity with the policies and deed restrictions applicable to the Section the home is located in. Provides input, but does not decide, as to aesthetics for projects that fit within Meyerland. Works independently from the Board. Members of the RCC cannot serve on the Board, however, the RCC may seek guidance from the Board.

Traffic & Security
Traffic: Considers citizen concerns regarding traffic and parking on neighborhood streets, serves as a forum to investigate and develop neighborhood traffic education and safety programs.

Security: Coordinates matters to monitor security issues on behalf of the association, and reports security information to the Board.