The Meyerland Community Improvement Association’s board of directors is comprised of volunteer property owners from Meyerland. The board has 23 positions that represent the geographic sections of Meyerland that includes two at-large directors. Positions are filled on an alternating schedule and elected every year at the annual meeting. Our Code of Conduct may be found HERE.

2020-2021 Directors

The board oversees the financial and operational business of the association and is responsible for enforcing deed restrictions and policies. The Bylaws governing the Board of Directors can be found HERE.

To contact your Section Director please click the link for that position below.

Bill GoforthSection 1 Director
Charles GoforthSection 1 Director
Emilio HisseSection 2 Director
Gerald RadackPresident, Section 2 Director
Barbara KileSection 3 Director
Jonathan EltonSection 3 Director
Scot CarterSection 4 Director
Patrick McAndrewSection 5 Director
OPENSection 5 Director
OPENSection 6 Director
Arthur KaySection 6 Director
Gerda GomezSection 7 Director
Susie EshetSection 7 Director
Cory GiovanellaTreasurer, Section 8 North Director
Elaine BrittSecretary, Section 8 North Director
Sacha BodnerSection 8 South Director
Bryan HolubSection 8 South Director
Justin KeiterSection 8 West Director
Larry SchwartzSection 8 West Director
Bob LordiSection 10 Director
John-Mark PalandroSection 10 Director
Eddy De Los SantosVice President, At-large Director
Lucy RandelAt-large Director

Not sure in which section you live?