MACC/RCC Policies

MACC/RCC policies, and rules shall be interpreted as to not be in conflict with any applicable and appropriate Meyerland Section Deed Restrictions. The following policies shall only apply when applicable Meyerland Section Deed Restrictions do not address an issue or if said Deed Restrictions require, in opinion of the committee and MCIA, further clarification.

Setback Requirements
All construction and renovation must comply with the setback provisions set forth in the corresponding deed restrictions. The setback requirements apply to any structure or building, including but not limited to garages, swimming pools (whether in-ground or above), houses, arbors, gazebos, accessory buildings, retaining walls, fountains built-in landscape features, cooking pits or grills, fences or screens or any other permanently ground- attached structure. For the purpose of determining whether proposed or completed construction complies with the application setback requirements, the Committee considers that the setback provisions to apply to all structures.

Items that may be permitted to be located between building line and property line, on a case by case basis and subject to approval by the committee, include the following: HVAC condenser coil equipment, generators, pool equipment and sprinkler backflow preventers.

Driveway Gates
A driveway gate and/or similar gate(s) may swing outward from and forward of the front building line, but at no time may any gate(s) extend closer than ten (10) feet from front property line, nor may any gate cross any property line at any time. Additionally, said gate(s) may remain forward of front building line for the period of time that is reasonable to enter and/or leave the gated area or for a time totaling less than one hour for each gate cycle. In no circumstance shall gate remain open (forward of front building line) for an unreasonably extended period of time, as decided by the Board, or impede view from adjoining lot(s) for prolonged periods of time.

All construction, renovation, and modification to a lot and/or a structure on a lot within Meyerland must follow the corresponding deed restrictions, MCIA policies, and construction rules for the section in which the property is located.

  1. Chain link construction fence is required during any major construction/demolition and must be installed as soon as equipment or supplies are on the property. Fence must completely enclose and secure the property. Gates should open inward to avoid blocking the public walk. Remove chain link fence after demo is cleared and if new construction does not begin within 6 weeks.
  2. Dumpsters, if used, must be placed on property – not in the street – and may not block public walk. Site is to be kept free of trash, debris and excess equipment. In lieu of a dumpster, regular refuse removal is required. Trash may not be piled next to a dumpster or at the curb for pickup. All debris must be contained.
  3. If needed, place the portable toilet away from the street – not at the curb. Build a fence around the unit which will hide the unit entirely. Opening must face the property.
  4. All trees existing between the front property line and the front building set-back line require Committee approval prior to removal. All trees on side of corner lots between side property line and side building set-back line shall also require Committee approval prior to removal. Removal of a tree between the sidewalk and street may require approval from the City of Houston.
  5. Maximum height of residence is as per Deed Restrictions or MCIA Policy.
  6. Impervious Lot coverage is restricted by Deed Restrictions or MCIA Policy. Contact MCIA Office for additional information on how calculations are determined.
  7. Public access to street and sidewalk must not be blocked by construction equipment, workers vehicles, or activity at any time. Every effort should be made for workers to park along one side of the street only.
  8. The property must be mowed and remain free of weeds and overgrowth during construction. This shall include the area between the sidewalk and the street. Grass and other vegetation shall be maintained as required by all lot owners of Meyerland. If the lot is to be left vacant for any length of time, the lot must be mowed frequently and be kept free of trash and debris.
  9. If the public walk is removed during demolition and construction is to be delayed for more than 6 months, the public walk must be replaced immediately. If the public walk is to be removed during construction, caution tape must be placed around the affected area so as to warn pedestrians of the removal
  10. Only one (1) sign is permitted on the lot for the general contractor or builder. Signs for subcontractors are not permitted. Sign must be located between the sidewalk and the home site and may not be larger than 5 square feet. Signs must be ground mounted, and without lighting.
  11. In addition to the builder sign, a single real estate sign is also permitted. The sign must be located between the sidewalk and the home site, may not be larger than 5 square feet, and must be ground mounted without lighting.
  12. Meyerland participates in the City of Houston Ordinance to prohibit yard parking. Construction vehicles must not be parked on the property except on a paved drive.
  13. The street and sidewalk must be kept clean and free of mud, dirt and debris. Provisions must be made for controlling erosion of the property to the street.
  14. No construction work may begin prior to 8:00 am and all activity must cease by 9:00 pm.
  15. Owner/Builder is required to follow all governmental restrictions, including but not limited to, City of Houston ordinances in the process of construction.
  16. All permits required by the City of Houston (including the City of Houston affidavit) must be provided to the committee or the work will be considered unapproved.
  17. Any revision to approved plans requires further review and approval by the Committee prior to commencement of any such revisions. Owner should contact the MCIA office for procedures.
  18. Grade lot to meet FHA “Type A” Drainage in accordance with City of Houston requirements. Water run- off must drain to the street and not to an adjacent lot.
  19. Site plan must label all walks and drives that are to be replaced.
    a.  All severely cracked drives and walks must be replaced for renovation projects.
    b. New walks and drives are required with new home construction.
    c. Corner lots must provide accessible ramps as required by City Ordinance.
  20. Owner must provide a digital set of plans in “PDF” format to the MCIA office (for New Home, Major Construction and Pool applications).
  21. Be considerate of neighbors at all times.