Tree Removal?

Meyerland has wonderful, older trees. They are a vital part of our community’s health and beauty. However, with a lot of new residents and development in the area, the regard for our trees has sometimes been inconsistent. This is a quick reminder that the tree in your front yard may not actually be yours!

Generally, any tree that is located in the space forward of the sidewalks is on the City of Houston’s property and is therefore owned by the City. If you want to trim or remove these trees, they require approval from the City. Here is the information from the City’s website:

A permit is required to remove any tree on city property (which include trees planted on rights of way, medians, parks and other city property) or on a setback.

If you witness the removal of trees from street easements, please immediately call the Urban Park Rangers dispatch at 832-395-7100 so the department can check for permits and avoid unnecessary street tree loss. This phone line is answered 24 hours a day.

If you need to remove a tree on your property, please obtain a permit: 

Thank you for reading and helping to keep Meyerland beautiful!